Get Involved - Volunteer

Achieving one of these skilled bench mark positions can only improve your resume and ability to Lead yourself to success.  Regardless of whether or not you already have some of these skill sets, we will seek to raise your life skill bar to point you understand self worth.

Media Person

This position is a 3 month, 6 month to 1 year commitment.  This person will work on researching, implementing, strengthening how organization uses media to improve outreach, recruitment, and advertisement.

Mentor Position

Person in this position will help individuals who are seeking to improve their life skills.  Mentors will be assigned based on their skill set to ensure success.

Mentoring will consist of a mentor providing support while a individual pursues their G.E.D, AA degree, BA degree.

Idea is those who dropped out of high school or AA, BA classes need guidance transitioning their focus to being successful after being away from academic focus.  Having a Mentor during transition will greatly help person plan, prepare for a successful outcome.

Boxing Coach  (Female or Male)

Holding this position is not based upon your skill set in Boxing alone.  Boxing coaches will be molding the boxer to be successful outside of the ring more than in.  Our coaches have the courage of women, yet strength of a warrior .  To be a Boxing coach, you must be prepared to learn, share these traits to boxers.

Canoe Skipper

This position has a 3 month, 6 month, 10 month commitment.  Person will work with S.I.T. participants, conduct public presentations to groups and communities, travel and compete in canoe races.  Canoe Skippers protect canoes and equipment, but more importantly they will educate canoe puller on how to balance life's challenges for the rest of their lives.  A highly wonderful experience for anyone.

Bee Education Mentors

People in this position will work with schools and land owners within their  specific area.  Must be willing to expand their skill set to working with small to large groups, plus be willing to strengthen their skill set on Bee environment. This position will be a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year commitment.  A wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to increase their environmental, social and community knowledge.

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