Volunteer Program

The term "Volunteering" is the same as Indigenous people's belief of "Sharing to Educate". 

Indigenous culture believe communities are only as strong as their families and individuals. 

Your communities are made up of government, businesses, groups, families and individuals.  Each can be apart of maintaining to strengthening a positive web of safety in community.

As each of us arrive at a plateau of life skills, we can in turn help others by providing a hand up. 

That is a Indigenous cultural belief and practice.  My hope is many of you see value in helping someone with a hand up- so your community can be stronger.

Creating a spider web of positive opportunities in a community will prevent negative activities to grow. A honey bee is focused solely on the survival of its hive, we need to practice the same focus for our communities.

Giving an hour, day, month for a project or program is your investment to improving community safety and someone's desire for a positive lifestyle.

To be clear - "Volunteering" is "Sharing to Educate".  It does mean you have to partake to strengthen your community safety web.