Oakville Office Activities

In addition to our annual programs and projects offered to the counties we serve we will be offering these services at our building site.

  • Services to Homeless, Transit, community couch jumpers
  • Tutoring (k-12, GED, AA, BA students)
  • Elder gathering opportunities
  • Youth focused activities
  • Family focused activities
  • Annual city wide Easter egg hunt
  • Annual Veteran Acknowledgement week
  • Annual  Father Day activity
  • Annual mothers Day activity
  • Annual buy an elder a dinner plate
  • Annual Halloween activities
  • Annual Apple cider press gathering
  • Annual Christmas Gift giving
  • Annual auto Cruise In event
  • Annual motor cycle event
  • Annual Family challenge event

We seek people to help make each planned activity a success.  if you have a passion to an interest in one of these projects-please connect with us to join our planning  teams.