Dean Johnny, Executive Director - Founder


As an Indigenous member of the Cowichan Tribes, my knowledge and values were traditionally passed down from elders. Written words were not part of my lesson plan; oral communication was used to teach values and past practices. My culture taught me when families and individuals are connected to their community this strengthens not only the communities value but the families and individual values as well, resulting in a sense of belonging.

I spent my career in law enforcement protecting and educating communities. I’ve worked with youth and families in the juvenile system and have learned the best approach is to coordinate and actively involve the family and community to assist and support the change needed.  Elders are a strong component of the support system needed for change.

Public service in the public and non-profit sector has provided me an opportunity to use and refine my skills to intervene and assist youth and families to meet unique needs while drawing on community assets.

My philosophy is Indigenous knowledge and teachings are passed down and freely shared. Clients are not charged a fee for J&J Solutions Foundation services. We ask in turn, you help those in need, who are not as strong or skilled as you.  The program offers mentors, coaches, and volunteers a cornerstone of Indigenous teachings.

Indigenous values and evidence based practices are braided together as a framework supporting our skills building programs.  Our programs are experiential, a person can see, feel, and touch positive growth. This framework is unique and individualized to the participant.

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