In 1986, Dean Johnny partnered with a Quinault Nation elder, Kenneth James, to reach out to youth through the art of Boxing. The first 399 youth in the program created the name of J&J. The partnership of Johnny and James lasted until 1988 when Mr. James passed on. Mr. Johnny has kept the name intact to honor those youth and Mr. James.

In January 2010, J&J established an indigenous cultural war racing canoe program to help individuals and families strengthen their ability to balance life skills in a positive way. This was in response to an identified need to provide positive outlets for rural youth. the experience involves navigating a single, double, six men, and eleven man canoes while incorporating concepts of personal responsibility, leadership, nutrition, and positive mentoring.

Blending indigenous teachings with evidence-based curriculums strengthen J&J’s ability to promote the key concept of “education before correction.” Client participation is about connectedness to community, family and then self. Clients help each other, respect one another, and provide volunteer services.

In May 2011, J&J Solutions Foundation was formally established as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation to formalize and strengthen overall services. This milestone ensures J&J can continue to help clients for generations to come.

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