Family Unification Program

My Native cultural teaching on helping a family remain unified even during outside impacts is done by "Connecting before Correcting".

Being from outside the family circle it is important for a community to wrap support around the struggling family-this is what Native communities do well.

After seeing families as a police officer, prosecutor, mobilization specialist, Indian child welfare Caseworker  I realized not only do we need to strengthen our methods for helping families and communities-we needed to borrow from a culture who does not see matters through a single lens.

I have been trained in some positive evidence based curriculum's. Yet found them to be singular in helping families.  I wanted to ensure families who come to our program receive help through a layered vision lens. Understanding  ones culture, how emotions runs decisions, financial, physical, budgeting of time, and lastly giving because you can.   

Created a team who can help families navigate through life’s challenges without falling victim to society labeling, internal divisions, and simply put, the lack of understanding.

I went out into the community to ensure we wrap around those seeking help.  I extended the duration of involvement to ensure we can strengthen success.  Over the 8 month course, families will learn from a blending of evidence based curriculum's such as Strengthening Families, Positive Indian Parenting, and Language to Life and some intertwined cultural teaching practices.

We always seek to become part of the families existing support team so all those who work with family are on same page.

We are always seeking to increase our team.  If you have a passion for helping and can commit to a 8 month duration, we will be happy to review your resume.

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