Canoe Program

Theresa Shortman, Canoe Program Manager

I am so pleased you have taken time to check out J&J Solutions Foundation. Whether you decide to join our canoe program or choose to participate in any of our other service, I know your experience will be one of enjoyment and life skill building.

When I joined the canoe program, I arrived as a client, over time I became a volunteer. As you can see I am still enjoying the canoe program, but in a different role. I know the struggles of life's challenges. I felt the feeling of never enjoying positive change. Our canoe program is a safe environment, allowing for nutritional, emotional, physical, and behavioral growth. This organization strives to not only build its clients life skills, but encompasses their family and community.

Please take the first step to helping you, the ones you love and to make a difference in communities. Enroll or volunteer so others can learn from your skills.

Schedule for canoe activities

Skipper In Training (S.I.T.) Syllabus

J&J blends cultural teachings with evidence based curriculum's. Those who enroll in one of our programs or projects-depart stronger, connected, and ready to strengthen themselves and their community.

J&J's customizes services to fit the needs of clients. Whether clients a referral, or are a self-referral, J&J provides the instruction necessary to make significant behavior and life changes.

J&J provides services to youth (5-17), young adults, and their families. These services include the clients family, not just the client. This focus ensures both and family have support when needed.

J&J programs and projects are designed to help strengthen physical, nutritional, emotional and behavioral habits.

Please view our video describing J&J Solutions Foundation:

J&J does not charge an enrollment fee. Support for our programs are generated from donations, grants, sponsorship's, fundraising and the generous giving of our volunteers.

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