Boxing Program

Learn life skills through the art of Boxing.

The art of boxing should be viewed through a lens of preparing for life.  It is the activities occurring outside the boxing ring which prepares a person for facing life’s challenges.

In addition to learning importance of all the normal boxing skills such as physical, emotional, behavioral and nutritional conditioning- our boxers learn many important life skill focused lessons.

We expose boxers to understanding learning to box is parallel to the art of living in a world that is ever changing.  Much like a chess player, our boxers are taught to always plan moves ahead of the move they just made.  Anticipating an action resolves reaction-boxers learn to not only see what is occurring, but it is important to think ahead.  Plan for how you will resolve coming challenges before it occurs.  

Historically, boxing is viewed as a brutal sport, an unsafe practice.  Our boxer are taught to view boxing as a means to thinking outside the ring, for much like a boxing match, what you learn through training is what your survival skills will do when challenged.  Boxers are taught to view life challenges in the same manner.

Long before they earn the right of passage of enter into a boxing ring, our boxers will have learned tools on how to manage life challenges outside the ring and away from protection of sanctioned rules. 

Skills such as personal responsibility, self-discipline and self-restraint are only the first layer to being ready for meeting challenges and coming out in the end under control of life’s blows.

Yes, fighting can be a bloody and bruising practice-but when you teach boxers to be thinkers rather than stinkers, life for them will be all the better.  

My cultural teachings taught me-Helping a person gain a life  skill comes in many venues.  For some, working on individual balance first by learning the art of boxing as we present it-Is how they become team players, leaders, and most of all a mirror of what is important to them.

Prior to being accepted into the program:

  • Applicants will obtain a medical clearance from their regular physician.
  • Prior to wearing boxing gloves, the boxer will perform and pass a physical endurance test ensuring boxer is healthy to participate at a higher skill level.
  • All boxers will learn to play chess and participate in regular chess playing activities.
  • All boxers will “share to educate” a lower skilled boxer
  • All boxers will partake in helping elder, single parent, disabled projects
  • Fighting will immediately end your involvement with boxing program
Being suspended/expelled from school will immediately place you on 60 day probation


We are always seeking male and female coaches to work with youth age 5 and up.

if you have past Boxing skills and see feel and wish to help others learn more than the art of Boxing, please contact Dean Johnny at email: to learn more.