Bee History

In 2011 we conducted a pilot project to evaluate if  it was possible to bring middle/high school students together with private land owners for the purpose of “sharing to Educate” about bees.

We recruited 7 youth and 7 separate private land owner volunteers from Grays Harbor and Thurston county.  Our project went from March to November.  The students conducted research on bee environment and bee species types and shared it with landowner.  The land owner conducted research on how to enhance a bee healthy environment, and then shared that knowledge with participating student.

Whenever J&J received a call on a honey bee swarm we responded to harvest and placed swarm in bee boxes, then transported to awaiting approved landowners property site.

As J&J approved Bee Education Mentor, student and land owner  conducted monthly visits to evaluate bee hive boxes to see progress.  This evaluation allows for better understanding how bees enhance, feeds, and protects the hive.  Seeing the hive grow from a small bee swarm into a thriving honey producing hive is well worth each monthly visit.  

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