Bee Education Projects

As a result of our 2011 pilot project this is what we learned from participating youth and landowners:

  •  Being involved in this project and seeing bee hives up close has helped me understand why bees are so important”   (private landowner)

  •  “Although I was somewhat frightened to be involved in this project-I learned bees are only protecting my environment, so we need them around”   (Student)

  • " My community should be a bee hive, buzzing around protecting and enhancing our environment"   (private landowner)

  • " Okay bees still bother me, but I will plant more flowers and plants to feed them"   (student)

  • " l love honey even more now and want bees when I have my own place"    (student)

  •  "I enjoyed learning alongside youth, maybe I will get to know more of my neighbors"   (private landowner)

Therefore, since then we have been conducting bee education projects within towns, cities, farmland, and apartment complexes-Bringing folks who would never give the other the time of day prior to joining our projects.

It is our goal to strengthen communities and this project does that, plus by “sharing to educate” the balance of our bee environment will have a fighting chance.

In addition to working with honey bees, we educated on Native American cultural use of paper hives.  Whenever we received a call about a paper wasp hive, we responded to harvest the hives.  The hives were then turned over to coastal Native Americans, who use the hives in their cultural ceremonies.

We are always on the lookout for help, please consider helping:
                            *** Call us when you see a bee swarm
*** Donate bee keeping equipment,
                            *** Offer use of your property space,
                            *** Volunteer time
                            *** if you can-donate funds

Protecting environments- begins with communities.  Is your community involved?

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